Game Publishing Solutions

We are the leading Free-to-Play game publisher in Latin America since 2008.

About Us

+16 million Player Accounts

32 Games Published

22 Game developers from 8 countries

1.4 million Followers in Social Media

1.1 Billion game sessions to date

Over 45 million in-game items sold

+500 active affiliated cybercafes

800 E-Sports events

400 monthly posts in Social Media

Collection in Local currency 20 countries


The Axeso5 Game Launcher, already installed in 500.000 PC’s, allows for game download and launch. Several featuring and options available for new games.

Publishing options

Full Publishing

Axeso5 to run full operation under exclusive royality bearing contract for the region.


Publishing responsabilities (Infrastructure, Marketing Support) are shared between Axeso5 and Developer.


Grant access to Ax5 users into existing game servers under reduced revenue share, not exclusive contract.

Monetization Solutions

Axesocash (the multigame virtual currency of Axeso5), has a network of distribution for all Latin American spanish speaking countries and Brazil in their respective local currencies with a variety of methods of acquisition in different local payment gateways. This network also includes a large group of affiliated cybercafes where Axesocash is sold and Axeso5 games are featured.

Services for Publishers

Axeso5 launched a new division of service operations for those global game developers who self publish their games. Targeting this dynamic market Axeso5 offers a broad range of Services at very competitive pricing which include:

Translation and Localization

  • Translation of Game files, updates from English into Spanish
  • Traslation and Creation of Ad pieces and SSNN postings
  • Doubing (game and videos)

Customer Support

  • Provide direct Support to users on issues related to technical problems, game relate issues and billing
  • Adapt to Developers ticketing system

Social Media Management

  • Build and maintain relationship with game audiences through Social Networks
  • Adapt or design pieces for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Admin Youtube & Twich accounts

User Acquisition Campaigns

  • Search/display/Video campaigns based on regional keywords, audiences, etc.
  • Quantitative approach
  • Support in defining appropiate online strategy towards the gamers in the region

E-Sports Events Organization

  • Tournament Design Online and/or Physical
  • Promotion in Social Media & PR
  • Tournament management: registrations, brackets, prizes, referee
  • Video on Demand & Streaming


  • Resale of Game Credit PIN codes online and in Cash in all Countries in Latin America
  • Resale Game Credit in cybercafes
  • Support in Cross Border optimization

This group of services allow game developers to focus on improving their product and servicing their core Regions, but creating a material source of revenues from the Latin American market.